Emerald Coast Pain Services


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long do I have to wait for an appointment?


2. If I am receiving controlled substances, how often do I have to be seen?


3. If you aren't contracted with my insurance, what are my options.


4. I have already had pain management procedures, will you just maintain my medications?


5. My prior pain management physician discharged me from his practice, will you accept me?


6. Do I need a referral?


7. What do I need to bring with me to my initial evaluation?


8. Do you accept patients without any insurance?








The Answers


1. Wait times for appointments usually are less than one month for new patients. We like to take our time during the initial evaluation and thus only a couple of new patients are seen per day. We only see patients that are in our geographical region of Florida which is about an hours drive to our office. You must be a Florida resident or live in extreme southern Alabama to be seen.


 2. All patients receiving controlled medications are required to be seen on a regular basis. Controlled medication prescriptions will only be dispensed in the clinic and not on procedure days at the surgery center or hospital. Lost or stolen medications will not be replaced. ALL patients who receive medications are required to sign a narcotic contract and are regularly drug screened. The physicians reserve the right to discharge any patient that is considered to be misusing their medications. Patients may be released from the practice at the discretion of the staff.


 3. We are contracted with almost every PPO insurance plan. If we are not contracted with your plan then you can ask if we would be willing to contract with your plan.  As with any provider, we are required to collect co-pays and deductibles for servcies rendered. We no longer accept checks greater than $50 but accept debit and credit cards for such payments.


 4. Patients that are prior patients of other pain management doctors will have their charts reviewed by our staff before consultations are scheduled. When we initially evaluate you, we will determine what options there are for your condition. If we feel that a certain procedure or study is warranted then we will prescribe it. 


 5. It depends why you were discharged. If your physician closed his practice or no longer accepted your insurance, then we will gladly accept you. If you had issues with your controlled medication, then we'll evaluate that situation. If you were discharged due to illegal reasons then No, we wouldn't accept you.


 6. Referrals are suggested but not required. We generally request prior records before initially evaluating you so that we can review prior treatments.


7. We suggest that you bring copies of your recent MRI's or CT's, or their reports. Also, bring any recent reports from your primary care provider, psychiratrist, or prior pain physicians.


8. No. Generally patients without insurance cannot proceed with their treatment plans due to expense. The only non-insurance patients we see are those who have lost their insurance during the course of treatment and are in-between insurance and this is usually for a limited time.