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Cervical Arthritis Can Cause Pain


This page deals with basic information on the cervical facet joints and how they cause pain. The cervical facet joints can lead to pain like any other joint in the body. Bone spurs or other arthritic conditions lead to decay of the joint surfaces and this causes the joints to rub against their bony surfaces and this causes inflammation. The inflammation leads to further joint decay and pain. Arthritis is a natural condition associated with aging but it can be worsened by stresses or trauma. There is no "cure" for the arthritis but there are treatments or cures for the pain associated with the arthritis.


Cervical Facet


The cervical region is unique in that it has a lot of motion. Thus, arthritis of the cervical spine can lead to a lot of problems. People with cervical facet disease can have everything from neck pain to headaches. The cervical joints are designed to offer motion in two planes and thus the problems here are usually much worse than elsewhere in the body. The pain in the joints often leads to muscular spasms that only confound the pain and worsen the motion of the neck. This vicious circle just continues until the pain is treated and even then it may take time for the muscular pain and motion to resolve